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In addition to the special blends which we produce, namely:
Holy Anointing Oil, Messiah's Fragrance, Song of Songs Oil, Balm of Gilead and Frankincense & Myrrh, we also provide all of the oils which are found in our blends above as Single Anointing Oils.

Most of us are aware that we are living in the end-times. The challenges in life are getting more intense and we need the anointing of the Holy Spirit to navigate us safely through the troubled waters.

The world is flooded with essential oils, massage parlors, aroma therapy etc. which focuses on the mind and body coupled with new age teachings and the alarming rising in neo-paganism. This worldwide new fascination with fragrant oils are in fact the worldly counterfeit or forgery of the true anointing of the Holy Spirit for in parallel with the maturing Bride of Christ, we find the Harlot (Mystery Babylon) openly emerging and coming to maturity. This mystery Babylon imitates the things of the Holy Spirit in a perverted way in order to deceive many. Occultic Anointing oils are advertised and for sale on the internet called "Magical Anointing and Dressing oils" to be used in casting spells. Revelation 18:13 lists some fragrant spices and oil as part of this Harlot's cargos of merchandice and prophecy her FALL.

God Himself initiated fragrant anointing oil for sacred use in service unto Him in ancient times and in Jer 6:16 we see that there is something really important to learn for His ancient paths - in them we will find rest for our souls. Yeshua, The Anointed One, is our Peace and it is through the Anointing of the Holy Spirit that we are enlightened to Know Him and His ways.! Tal Zion is passionate that we, the Bride of Christ, should learn to discern and know the differences so as not to be deceived. Ezek 44:23.

Some of these oils have a very pleasant fragrance as they are, while some people might be rather attracted to the blends. More prominent than the fragrances though, is the symbolic meaning of each. Each fragrance is an important reminder of the pleasant fragrance that needs to exude from our lives as a worshipful thank offering to our Creator God. Those who have "ears to hear and eyes to see", are aware that God gave us an abundance of variety everywhere we look. This includes fragrances. He loves to delight and satisfy His creatures and ultimately everything points us to Yeshua (Jesus) who's name is like perfume poured out.
May you enjoy this journey with us in discovering the symbolic meaning of each fragrance. My prayer is that this stroll through the "secret" and "enclosed" garden, will become and adventure that will enhance your own experience of intimacy with the Lord.

You can read a short research or explanantion of each of these oils and their spiritual significance by visiting the links on the right.

                              Enjoy :)