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About Tal-Zion Biblical Oils

We, at Tal Zion, rely on the Word of God, the Holy Spirit and many wiser than ourselves that, have over the ages, discerned and identified each and every one of the ingredients which were used in the creation of the Holy Anointing Oil, and the spices which were used to produce the Temple Incense.

We have prepared an unique oil which we have called Messiah's Fragrance. This mixture is referred to in Psalms 45:7- 8.

The fragrances and spices, listed in the Song of Songs used by both the Lover and Beloved, are readily identifiable and known today.

In Scripture anointing is used in dedication, consecration, praying for healing and as a special mark of hospitality and honor. We have prepared an oil specifically for use in praying for the sick namely The Balm of Gilead. James 5:14 Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord.

The most widespread of all the fragrances found in the Bible are Frankincense and Myrrh. We provide these blended together as a unique fragrance.

We have taken the time and effort to source the finest essential oils for use in our anointing oils. Our oils are sourced from everywhere, from Nepal to Ethiopia to Somalia to South America to China, in order to bring you the finest quality anointing oils.

We do use some synthetically produced fragrance oils where the availability and cost, of some of the genuine oils, prove to be prohibitively expensive. We only use the finest "extra virgin olive oil" - first fruits - produced in the Mountains of Judah for use in our oils.

Our Product is Handcrafted in Israel

Each oil is produced with care and reverence with an understanding and appreciation for the doctrine of the anointing throughout scripture. These products are soaked in prayer and dedicated to God for use as He sees fit.

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May God bless you and bless the reading of His Word in these pages to your hearts and may it bring much glory to His Name.

Helene Rudolph